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GoVerifyID Solution Brief

ImageWare Systems’ GoVerifyID provides patented multi-modal biometric identity authentication that can be used in place of passwords or as an additional layer of second-factor authentication. GoVerifyID works with your existing mobile devices to eliminate new hardware costs for specialized biometric scanning devices.

Using Biometrics for Password Reset

When it comes to resetting passwords, it is optimal to choose security solutions that provide the highest level of security, the best user experience, and are able to support your business processes. When multi-modal biometrics are combined with mobile and cloud technology, you can achieve the ultimate level of security, convenience, and usability for Self-Service Password Reset.

Biometric Engine White Paper

The IWS Biometric Engine® is a scalable, agnostic, omni-biometric identity management solution that delivers non-refutable proof of identity and ensures only valid individuals gain access to controlled areas or obtain secure documents. The IWS Biometric Engine is available as part of a Web-based, biometric enrollment and identity verification application.